DINGOTM Hydraulic Ram Water Pumps

New Australian Invention with World Wide Patent!

"...has been pumping to a height of 100 meters, we are stoked and very pleased with this little pump..."
email from Africa!

"The pump is great. No more carrying buckets of water."
Joe - Camberra


The DINGO'" pumps are a new type of hydraulic ram which offers many advantages over other kinds of water pumps. They need NO oil, petrol, diesel or electricity because they are water powered. 3 sizes available, with a 1, 2 or 3inch pick-up diameter.
DINGO pump D-50 working semi-submerged
DINGO pump D-50 working semi-submerged
DELIVERS FREE WATER: Pumps constantly, delivering between 675-12,500 litres every 24 hrs with no running costs.

GOOD DELIVERY HEAD: All DINGO" pumps will lift water in excess of 5 times their operational fall.

VERY VERSATILE: Runs off dams, creeks, rivers or springs, free flowing artesian bores or gravity feed lines. Kilometers away from your water source.

SUBMERSIBLE: May be land based or completely submerged.

    • Environmentally Safe
    • Low Maintenance
    • Corrosion Free
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Food Grade Polythene

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Feel free to contact me for further information.
Delivery in approximately 10 days from receipt of payment.


DINGOTM Pumps details  


Intake pipe:
1"/25mm poly pipe
2"/50mm poly pipe
Delivery pipe:
1"/25mm poly pipe
1"/25mm poly pipe
Water Pumped:
675-12,500 litres/day
2,250-17,500 litres/day
Operating Fall: 0.4 to 10 metres 1 to 10 metres
Pumping Height:
5 to 100 metres
5 to 100 metres
Distance Pumped:
1,000 metres+
1,000 metres+
Required Flow:
2 litres/minute minimum
12 litres/minute minimum
Warranty: 5 years 5 years
Price: A$829 A$1,195

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